The Dream Conversation With Granny

In my dream last night, I was talking to my grandmother. Probably since I had marriage on my thoughts, seeking as I was a son-in-law, I had formed gone back in time to when our grandmother had been married off when justin was fifteen to a man she failed to know. I have some vague memory space of a figure with salt and pepper hair saying something indistinguishable, the only words clear being relationship and Facebook – sort of such as marriage through Facebook. Could our grandmother actually have been talking of dating in my dream? Naah! The desire was a hodgepodge of my own ideas and dinner table conversation and nothing more.

But what if the conversation actually happened? I permit my ideas to wander to what if nana were alive. The dialogue could possibly run something like this:

Me: Mini is certainly 25… I have to find her a young man. She’ s almost around the shelf.

Granny: No she’ s not. She’ s young and has the girl whole life in front of her. Don’ t rush.

Me: Rush? I have to start looking.

Granny: Arre! These days that’ s not your job…

Me (aghast): Granny!

Granny: Be practical. You can’ t push your opinion down your children’ s i9000 throat these days. Matchmaking is not what it used to be. Involve her in the search for her own husband.

Me: Next you’ lmost all be telling me to become the girl Facebook friend.

Granny: And what’ s i9000 wrong with that? If she desires you to, why not? I am her friend, Facebook or not.

Me: But Facebook dating?

Granny: There’ s a difference between get married to Facebook and marriage Facebook.

Me: Huh?

Granny: Offoh! I mean marriage through Fb. Where there is an app that provides relevant information like work. training, interests, location, home town, relationship status, age, photos – all of which the individual choses to share – from Fb into the app

Me (disbelievingly): And how are you aware of all this?

Granny: Because I keep my eyes and ears open. You should be doing that. There’ s a real era gap here.

Me: You and Mini possess a greater gap than you and I actually and you understand each other pretty well! Exactly what generation gap?

Granny: Between you and me, darling – you and me. Mini and I realize each other.

Me: What’ s this have got to do with Mini’ s relationship?

Granny: She is the Facebook generation. Utilize it. Let her be part of the whole thing – it’ s her life. The lady should get to know the man first. The lady should be able to decide.

Me: Will she then marry of her Facebook buddies?

Granny: Don’ t you understand simple factors? And you being closer to this age group than I am! The app requires profile information but friendship is certainly permitted only once both sides have got liked and mutually accepted each other.

Me: I’ m scared for her.

Granny: I know. But I’ m sure you can find precautions that are taken. No person from your app can visit another’ s profile. Mini will decide who she wants to explore as a prospect and no one else. She can pub you and me too.

Me (with a pang of jealousy): You she won’ t.

Granny: That’ s because I am learning to talk a language she understands. Can you imagine knowing and finding out for yourself before marrying somebody? We didn’ t know everything about the home I was going to or maybe the man I was marrying except what someone told us. I was just lucky that your Granddad turned out fine for me.

Me: What are you saying?

Granny (with her typical frown of exasperation): Without mutual consent, even if Fb friends sign up and are compatible they won’ t be visible to each other. Friendship and sharing of information will happen only after she is happy if one is alright for her. I’ m not exactly asking you to open her details to everybody out there. At least find out about this way of getting yourself a son-in-law.

I come back to earth with a begin. Has my mind been replaying the dream? I smile to myself. I may not know what will be the dream and what is reality but what my mind does know is Granny. Married off at fifteen, she was home trained, a voracious reader, an accomplished vocalist who drove her own car. The lady completed her graduation after relationship and may have gone on to a good MA except she chose to spend her life to her three children. And what an education – official and informal – she gave them! Yes Granny, you love our Mini. And had you been around, you will have been her Facebook friend and the two of you would have giggled like college girls at marry or relationship through Facebook – whatever small secret code you developed in between yourselves!

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